Corporate Insight

UX Research Service

Corporate Insight has expanded its User Experience (UX) Research practice to gather deeper and more actionable user insights for our customers. We employ a variety of techniques to help our clients better understand their customers, helping them create products that their customers will use and love.

We perform user research to identify customer needs, pain points, and opportunities for digital interfaces. We have several methods at our disposal, and work with our clients to determine the best approach based on their objectives. Our approach is flexible to ensure that research findings are meaningful, even in the fluid environment of digital business.

The CI UX team employs numerous methods of user testing in order to capture user feedback to move your product or business forward. Our methods include:

  • In-depth interviews, both lab-based and remote
  • Contextual interviews / ethnography
  • Small group / round table discussions
  • Card sorting / tree testing
  • All modalities – desktop, mobile, tablet, kiosk, etc.

We can gather valuable feedback on designs in every stage, from paper sketch to wire frames to clickable prototypes. Our user lab is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan and allows us greater flexibility in fielding research as well as a neutral location for unbiased and anonymous user tests.

The UX Research practice is led by Adam Hulnick, who joined Corporate Insight in July 2016 as vice president of UX research, responsible for leading and expanding the UX research business. Adam has more than 20 years of digital experience in product development, user testing, and leading research teams.

We take a results-oriented approach to UX research. The core of UX research is intended to move products and businesses forward. That’s why we believe in being agile, actionable, and timely.

  • Agile – We pivot our approach to fit changing needs and new learnings, and package our services to fit your development schedule.
  • Actionable – Research findings only move a product forward if they can be acted upon. We seek to help our clients enact positive change.
  • Timely – The digital world moves fast. Our clients need info to keep their projects moving forward. We have methods to get them the information when they need it.