UnitedHealthcare Introduces New Provider and Member Online Pharmacy Solutions

Jose Santana by on Jan 25, 2018

In the past year, we have seen health plans improving their member- and provider-facing online tools to help address high healthcare costs, inefficient processes and poor user experience. In line with this trend, UnitedHealthcare partnered with OptumRx to unveil PreCheck MyScript, a new online prescription tool for providers, as well as to release an updated version of its member pharmacy portal.

PreCheck MyScript

Available to all providers in the UnitedHealthcare/OptumRx network, the online PreCheck MyScript tool aims to make prescribing medications easier and quicker. The tool embeds directly into a care provider’s electronic medical record (EMR) platform, allowing physicians to seamlessly view prior authorization information and drug costs as well as to send the prescription to the pharmacy without having to switch applications.

PreCheck MyScript provides precise drug cost information at the moment the prescription is made, taking into account member-specific insurance coverage details and desired pharmacy. The tool also alerts providers to prescription drugs that require prior authorization, are not covered or are non-preferred and provides alternative, lower-cost options that may not require prior authorization. For medications that require prior authorizations, the tool allows providers to submit the authorization online.

PreCheck MyScript Introduction Video

Member Pharmacy Portal

OptumRx also revamped the UnitedHealthcare member pharmacy portal to provide seamless navigation to tools that help members manage their pharmacy benefits, including organizing and managing medications and saving money on prescription medication. The portal is promoted and made available directly through the UnitedHealthcare member site.

The OptumRx portal provides members with their benefits and claims information, drug coverage and pricing tools, a pharmacy locator, medication reminders and a home delivery program. It also offers helpful and educational resources, including FAQs and how-to videos. The portal’s digital medicine cabinet displays current retail pharmacy medications, over-the-counter drugs and OptumRx mail service medications up for refill or renewal. Similar to the PreCheck MyScript tool, the member OptumRx portal features drug search tools that provide pricing information specific to member plans, including if medications are covered or if they require prior authorization. Searches for drugs provide details on overdose, use, cautions and side effect information. Through the portal, members can also shop for over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplies.

Redesigned OptumRx Portal Homepage (Truncated)

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