The TV Doctors of America: Creating Emotional Engagement through Storytelling

Michelle Ammirati by on Jun 26, 2018

“McDreamy,” Captain Hawkeye Pierce, Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Chris Turk and Noah Wyle together in one place? The TV Doctors of America, as Cigna’s campaign calls them, first teamed up in 2016 to get one message across: get your annual checkup. How did this campaign begin?

Stephen Cassell, VP of Brand, at Cigna for the TV Doctors of America Campaign and Jenny Tran, Creative Director, Global Brand Experience at PepsiCo gave a presentation on connecting with people through brand storytelling, on June 21 at AHIP’s Institute and Expo. Cassell spoke directly about the campaign and its successes.

Starting the session, Tran discussed the ways that PepsiCo tries to engage its audiences and what informs those interactions: “One of the most powerful ways to connect is still in real life,” with the caveat that “the real world does inform the digital world.”

Cassell recounted finding a story that resonates across audiences: “We have such an important mission in terms of helping people get the care they need…How do we tell stories and start to influence people to go to the doctor?”

Cassell talked about his work with Cigna’s agency partners to bring this campaign alive through an omnichannel approach. The campaign has garnered positive results since its inception, achieving over 2.5 billion total impressions and a major shift in brand sentiment. After the first year, Cigna saw a 6% increase in adult checkups nationally after many years of stagnation. In its second year, Cigna saw an 18% increase in adult checkups nationally.

While there’s no way to tell if this campaign is truly responsible for getting members to go see their doctor, with a 12% increase in one year, the underlying indication is there and will probably result in more TV doctors gracing our television screens in the future.




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