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Corporate Insight is excited to bring our wealth of experience in user research and competitive intelligence to the healthcare sector. Here you will find objective in-depth expert research from our team of Healthcare Monitor analysts.


A Healthcare Member Experience Guide

In this guide, we discuss what is working well in the digitally-empowered consumer-centric healthcare environment; explore healthcare CRM, websites, member portals, and mobile as consumer experience tools; and provide helpful advice on how cross-functional teams can come together to define a practical consumer experience.

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Healthcare Trends & Highlights 2017 Q2

In the first three months of 2017, the healthcare insurance industry experienced numerous disruptions and innovations, including blocked mergers, an attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and the continued transition to a value-based care system. As the second quarter wraps up, we examine more recent changes impacting the industry, including firms’ coverage of current issues in the digital space; key design updates; and new tools, capabilities and products. 

Top Trends in Digital Health Insurance

The digital health insurance space is evolving rapidly. To adapt to consumer preferences, health insurers have focused on improving digital experiences for members through fresh website design, telehealth services, provider locator and cost estimator technology, and new health and wellness rewards programs. In this report preview, we analyze how leading health plans in our Healthcare Monitor coverage group are capitalizing on these four notable digital health trends.

Checking the Vital Signs of Symptom Checkers

12 billion Google searches a year are classified as symptom-related. People often rely on online tools, like WebMD and The Mayo Clinic for preliminary diagnoses. While all symptom checkers provide some sort of diagnosis, they vary dramatically in terms of intuitiveness, comprehensiveness and even overall purpose. In this white paper, we evaluate eight popular symptom checkers and analyze the variation in results.

Inaugural Healthcare Monitor Awards

We are excited to announce the release of Corporate Insight’s inaugural 2016 Healthcare Monitor Awards, our new report that recognizes health plans in our Healthcare Monitor coverage group for excellence in the digital user experience they offer members. For more than 15 years, Corporate Insight has presented gold, silver and bronze medals to recognize the most innovative and valuable digital offerings in the annuity, banking, brokerage, credit card, insurance, retirement and asset management industries.The Healthcare Monitor team uses rigorous, proprietary grading criteria to review key online tools and resources offered by 14 insurers. Through these assessments, CI highlights leaders in a number of different areas – including coverage and benefits; claims details; locators and estimators; health and wellness educational centers, among others – in correlation to the company’s 2016 Digital Healthcare Survey of health insurance plan membersTo find out gold medalists in the health insurance industry, download our free slide deck.

Healthcare Trends & Highlights 2016 Q1

The healthcare insurance industry experienced numerous disruptions and innovations in the first three months of 2016 including natural disasters, the continued spread of the Zika Virus and the start of the Special Enrollment Period. In response, Healthcare Monitor’s coverage group reported some of these events on their public and member websites.In our whitepaper Healthcare Monitor 2016 Q1 Trends & Highlights, we examine how 12 health plans across our coverage group reacted in the digital space to major industry and current issues as well as key digital areas in which we saw the most significant changes, including:

  • Revamps and design changes
  • New web capabilities, tools, and services

Best Practices Amidst Merger Talks: A Review of the Aetna and Humana Member Websites

Amidst an uptick in industry mergers and consolidations, Aetna and Humana struck a deal that will combine Humana’s Medicare Advantage business with Aetna’s commercial portfolio, providing health insurance to over 29.4 million individuals and creating the largest Medicare Advantage insurer in the U.S. This recent merger presents an opportunity for an improved digital experience by combining strengths of the Aetna and Humana private member websites. In this whitepaper, we imagine an optimized member experience resulting from the combination of best practices from Aetna and Humana.

Healthcare Monitor 2015 Year in Review

The healthcare insurance industry experienced numerous disruptors in 2015 including cyber-attacks, the Affordable Care Act ruling and numerous mergers and acquisitions. Partially in response to these happenings, Corporate Insight’sHealthcare Monitor coverage group reported a variety of changes to firms’ public and member sites, improving the way members manage and understand their health benefits. In our Year in Review, we examine how payers reacted in the digital space to major industry issues, as well as key website changes throughout the year – revamps and design changes, capabilities, tools, and services. Here are the highlights to major updates across the health insurance industry within our coverage group of 12 health plans and organizations.

Responsive Design in the Healthcare Insurance Industry

Digital technologies represent a vital avenue through which healthcare firms showcase plans, educate consumers and integrate members. People are now using tablets and mobile devices more often than traditional desktop computers to access health information – providing firms with a challenge: how do we provide the optimal user experience across digital channels? In our complimentary slide deck, we examine how leading firms in the healthcare industry have tackled this challenge by using responsive websites.