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Michelle Ammirati by on Apr 04, 2017

Corporate Insight’s February Healthcare Monitor Report—Introducing Florida Blue and Oscar—featured a review of two insurance providers’ public and member sites that bring new perspectives to the Healthcare Monitor coverage group through their member experience designs, tools and other offerings. Oscar in particular represents the innovation and member-first approach that we expect from the future of the healthcare industry.

Oscar has been making headlines as a major disruption to the typical healthcare system since it was founded in 2013. Forbes listed Oscar as one of “the seven organizations that will turn healthcare upside down,” mentioning the firm’s ads, consumer-friendly model and investor backing. Corporate Insight looks forward to evaluating the firm’s ability to innovate within its market and where it will go pending the future of the healthcare landscape.

Oscar is an outlier in the industry and personifies its mission through a simple and results-oriented mobile experience. The member site’s unique interface layout takes a user-friendly approach. The doctor locator tool in particular excels in its mission to help customers find care with few design flaws and an integrated map. Though Oscar is unique in its design and approach, the company could benefit from offering more resources and original content and should endeavor to avoid the pitfalls of modern website design, such as an overly minimalistic aesthetic that fails to meet clients’ comprehensive needs.

Oscar Mobile Homepage

In our report, we review the insurer’s mobile experience and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the online journey, noting opportunities for improvement along the way. Oscar’s design, help tools and user-friendly platform deviate from the norm within the Corporate Insight coverage group. Strong Get a Quote and doctor locator tools show off the site’s design strengths and immediacy in terms of receiving care. And while the interface could always be improved, it’s worth noting that the overall approach to Oscar’s member experience is different—something other insurers could and should be watching.

To read our complete analysis and learn more about the public site and member portal, click here to access the February monthly report.

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