Corporate Insight

Healthcare Monitor

Healthcare Monitor is Corporate Insight’s latest line of research, examining the digital member experience of leading health insurance firms from “behind the login.” By leveraging our competitive intelligence methodology that we have perfected in financial services over the past 20 years, we seek to improve the relationships between health insurance firms and their members.

Our unique research offers health insurance carriers an authentic, first-hand look at their competitors’ member site capabilities including web usability, account management, billing, claims, mobile capabilities, social media strategy, tools, educational content, and wellness programs. We also showcase examples of best practices from other industries to help foster new ideas.

Like our other Monitor services, Healthcare Monitor tracks the daily member experience at the leading healthcare insurance firms to determine emerging best practices. We keep our clients attuned to the pulse of the industry, highlighting important developments and the latest trends to encourage proactive member engagement.


  • Reports

    Each Report focuses on one aspect of the member experience and benchmarks industry leaders using detailed criteria.

    We either catalog all of the offerings or grade the coverage group through detailed evaluations. All reports also include key findings and best practice analysis.

  • Updates

    Updates are monthly publications that track the tactical changes across the industry.

    Updates feature a comprehensive explanation of changes on carrier websites (both public and behind the member login). Our tracking includes a special focus on site revamps, new plans, new campaigns and member messaging initiatives.

  • Capabilities Matrix

    The Matrix is a catch-all, side-by-side summary of the capabilities and resources across the visitor and member websites.

    The Matrix is updated quarterly and offers a breakdown of the key pages and components on the websites of Healthcare Monitorfirms.

  • Analyst Support

    Personalized research support is available from our experienced Healthcare Monitor team.

    Clients have access to Healthcare Monitor analysts for ad-hoc research requests and questions about our work. We encourage open communication between clients and analysts in order to get the most out of the Healthcare Monitor service.