Everyone wins with Fitbit Group Health’s group challenges

Jose Santana by on Jun 20, 2017

Following the 2017 Fitbit Captivate event, attendees were invited to participate in two-week Fitbit Health Solution group challenge for the most steps. All attendees were given an Alta HR and placed on a team according to their Captivate lanyard color. Each day participants would sync their steps on either web or mobile platforms, with the results calculated into their team’s average. The total standings only factored in each team’s average steps, however participants could view their teammates’ step counts as well.

The challenge offered a virtual map of several regions in Asia where teams could compare their progress to other teams alongside geographical trivia along the route. Two screens displayed overall team standings and individual step counts. Providing a community element, individuals could cheer, taunt or converse with their teammates though a messages screen. Throughout the two-week period, participants received push notifications of encouragement, and updates for current standings, progress and virtual location trivia.

Fitbit Group Challenge Mobile Standings and Team Screens

At the end of the challenge, participants received an email with their team’s final standing, total steps and a link to the program’s web dashboard detailing individual stats, achievements and performance.

Fitbit Group Challenge Email

Post-challenge, the web dashboard offers participants a breakdown of their achievements relative to their team and to the rest of the program’s participants. Even after the challenge ended, the program continues to track and provide activity data including individual and group total steps and average steps.

Fitbit Group Challenge Web Dashboard (Top)

Interactive charts and graphs display total monthly steps, daily group rankings, longest goal streak, total program distance, and average steps. Users can filter the data by time frame, team or total program population.

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