Corporate Insight

Digital Healthcare Audit

The Digital Healthcare Audit benchmarks a health insurer’s member-facing digital experience against its key competitors’ and identifies the changes that would lead to a best-in-class experience. Using our proprietary Audit grading framework, we rate the member sites and mobile apps offered by our client and its key competitors across more than 200 individual attributes covering plan information, self-service features, health and wellness education centers, cost estimators and locators, and platform design and usability. The resulting analysis presents a clear picture of our client’s key digital strengths, weaknesses and critical opportunities for improvement. We draw our recommendations from the Audit’s gap analysis, industry best practices, and the preferences of member site and app users, collected through the May 2016 Digital Healthcare Survey.


  • Full Audit Report

    We provide an in-depth look at all six categories (e.g., Coverage & Health Information), 31 sub-categories (e.g., Plan Information, Plan Balances) and more than 200 attributes (e.g., Findability, Depth of Content) we assessed. The full Audit report includes firm grades and rankings, peer group analysis and benchmarking, detailed recommendations, and relevant competitor screenshots.

  • Audit Software Access

    Corporate Insight’s Benchmarking Audit software allows clients to run a variety of reports related to their Digital Healthcare Audit engagement. Each report can be customized to include a select set of competitors as well as specific categories, sub-categories and attributes.

  • Optional Presentation

    For clients who would like a more personalized communication of the Audit results, we can provide an executive presentation of major findings to the management team. Most Audit clients choose the in-person presentation to help drive organizational change.

  • Analyst Support

    Clients have access to our Healthcare analysts for ad-hoc research requests and questions about our work. We encourage open communication between clients and analysts in order to get the most out of the Digital Healthcare Audit service.