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Michelle Ammirati by on Dec 07, 2016

Natalie Schneider, Vice President, Consumer Experience, Anthem, Inc., spoke to a room of healthcare insurance providers on December 6, 2016. The general session, called 2021: The Health Plan Consumer Experience of the Future, focused on the potential of healthcare within the digital space. Schneider spoke about Anthem’s future plans to address this topic and considered how technology disruption could be useful if it were to become evenly distributed. In other words, healthcare is years behind other industries in terms of innovation. This general session was just one of many so far to tackle the big questions facing the industry at the Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Chicago, which Corporate Insight is attending this week.

Netflix, airplane apps and artificial intelligence: “What do these three things have in common?”, Schneider posed during her session. They are all examples of highly curated content. Netflix, for instance, is a major technological disruptor. By using big data for its recommendation engine, the company creates an interface where the user receives curated content without even asking for it. And it’s a successful approach.

Schneider also mentioned how airplane app users receive notifications when their flights are delayed, which is a concept healthcare plans could easily apply to delayed or cancelled doctor’s appointments. The healthcare industry is not there yet—a recurring theme from the first day of the forum.

How is Anthem dealing with this gap? Anthem is currently developing a blueprint based on this type of technology disruption. Schneider talked about the company’s road map for 45 different customer experience concepts, developing for 2021. She outlined the three steps that the industry needs to embrace to move forward:

  • Develop an audacious future CX vision and find the resources for this innovation
  • Be present where the customer is by learning their devices, futures and apps
  • Standardize everywhere

Schneider closed her presentation by talking about clients’ increasingly poor user experiences. When UX is bad, clients will not ignore it. Healthcare organizations have an opportunity to use what motivates users and create an ecosystem where clients experience confidence in their choices, clarity on complex topics and ease when using website tools.

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