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Michelle Ammirati by on Dec 07, 2017

Picture a world where anyone could ask, “Alexa, does my health insurance cover hearing aids?” and end up booking an appointment with a nearby audiologist, accomplished through a quick conversation with the Amazon Echo.

This is the future that Melissa Palladino, product strategy director at Healthx, envisions. At AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum on December 6, Palladino presented a compelling argument for adopting artificial intelligence (AI) into the healthcare system. Her session, called To Boldly Go: The Future of the Online Member Experience, focused on an ideal vision of the future of healthcare and how Healthx can assist plans in moving toward it.

After a brief synopsis of the types of AI we are seeing in healthcare today, Palladino shared her Star-Trek-Enterprise-worthy vision of the perfect healthcare experience. So how do health plans apply this vision so that the future manifests sooner? A four-part checklist outlines ways to prep now for the future that she foresees:

  • Budgeting and planning – making decisions at the highest levels and thinking about the scale of the approach
  • Data – cleaning and storing information
  • Integration – adapting technologies like blockchain
  • Portals – creating agile systems with use cases

Sara Frederick, director of experience design at Fluent Health, followed Palladino’s presentation with the beginnings of realistic implementation to Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Frederick provided an outline of how Fluent Health is exploring these four approaches, with Healthx as its partner, to move Presbyterian Healthcare Services toward the future of healthcare. And so far, a three-phase process has Presbyterian utilizing experience design principles and techniques to improve the online member experience by tapping into the specific emotional response they want members to have with their portal, and designing backwards.

As the organization moves into its measurement phase to see how well members’ needs are being met with these implementations, other healthcare organizations may soon be able to launch themselves toward the AI vision of the future with an impactful use case model.

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