Cigna’s Celebrity Wellness Campaigns Make a Measurable Impact

Michelle Ammirati by on May 07, 2019

Continuing its unique yet effective public-service-oriented outreach, Cigna recently announced an initiative surrounding wellbeing that features the star power of Queen Latifah, Nick Jonas and Ted Danson. The campaign, which encourages yearly check-ups and holistic health discussions, follows Cigna’s two-year TV Doctors of America campaign that featured the likes of “McDreamy,” Captain Hawkeye Pierce, Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Chris Turk and Noah Wyle across television and media channels.


In 2018, Stephen Cassell, VP of brand at Cigna, discussed the TV Doctors of America campaign at AHIP’s Institute and Expo and its effort to influence people to actively go to the doctor. Following the campaign, Cigna saw an increase in adult checkups nationally by 6% and then 18% in the first and second year, respectively.


With the Cigna and Express Scripts merger, the company is taking a more holistic approach to health and the connections between emotional and physical wellbeing. This year’s cast spans a broad audience appeal, which AdAge reports as Cassell’s approach to “catching the eye of different generations.”


In individual campaign spots, the celebrities talk about their personal experiences related to physical and mental health. Latifah discusses seeing a therapist, with Jonas talking about his type 1 diabetes and Danson highlighting preventive care. All three stars talk about making time for their health regardless of schedules.

In what may reach the widest audience, Cigna launched 30-second commercials featuring the three. Latifah talks about stress, Jonas talks about anxiety and Danson addresses physical health. With each celebrity encouraging everyone to get their annual check-up, Cigna hammers home the connection between mental and physical health in short but impactful commercials.


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