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Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Movement Economy

With the rise in fitness reward programs and blockchain technology, one startup aims to fuse the health and financial trends together, encouraging participants to earn cryptocurrency rewards just by walking. Offering a currency and platform of the same name, Sweatcoin positions itself as one of the first entrants in the movement economy to use open-source […]

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A Brief Introduction to Kaiser Permanente and Its Mobile Apps

About Kaiser Permanente Corporate Insight is pleased to introduce Kaiser Permanente to ourHealthcare Monitor coverage group. The not-for-profit health plan, which opened enrollment to the public in 1945, began as an industrial company providing construction, shipyard and steel mill workers with coverage in the late 1930s. The company now offers coverage to members in nine […]

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Cue by Humana: Is It Useful?

Cue, the health app released by Humana in late April of 2015, is one of a few health tracker apps offered by the firms within our Healthcare Monitor coverage group. The app, which we briefly covered in a May 2015 blog, allows users to prompt themselves to complete simple and customizable tasks. The app can […]

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