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Four Firms Issue Statements on the Future of Health Insurance

Over the past two months, organizations in our Healthcare Monitor coverage group have issued statements regarding the future of the healthcare system in the U.S. Four firms—Aetna, Tufts Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente and BCBS of Massachusetts—have taken stances on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the bills that were and are being […]

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Three Firms Face the Opioid Epidemic Head On

The U.S. has an escalating public health crisis, with prescription opioid overdoses exceeding 59,000 in 2016 and rising. Healthcare organizations continue to implement strategy and practice interventions in an effort to combat opioid misuse and addiction, possibly pushing the Trump administration to announce the opioid addiction epidemic as a public health emergency, a declaration that […]

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2016 Gold Monitor Awards Winners: Healthcare

We are excited to introduce the 2016 Healthcare Monitor Awards, recognizing health plans in our Healthcare Monitor coverage group for excellence in the digital user experience they offer members. For more than 15 years, we have presented gold, silver and bronze medals to identify the most innovative and valuable digital offerings in the financial services space and are happy […]

Whitepaper: Healthcare Monitor 2015 Year in Review

The healthcare insurance industry experienced numerous disruptors in 2015 including cyber-attacks, the Affordable Care Act ruling and numerous mergers and acquisitions. Partially in response to these happenings, Corporate Insight’s Healthcare Monitor coverage group reported a variety of changes to firms’ public and member sites, improving the way members manage and understand their health benefits. In […]

Doctor on Demand: The House Call is Back

Though once common, doctor house calls have since fallen out of practice. In the age of Uber, however, using an app to request a modern-day house call could become as common as digitally hailing a cab. The Doctor on Demand series looks at the emergence of on-demand services in the healthcare sphere, starting with Pager, […]

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Cue by Humana: Is It Useful?

Cue, the health app released by Humana in late April of 2015, is one of a few health tracker apps offered by the firms within our Healthcare Monitor coverage group. The app, which we briefly covered in a May 2015 blog, allows users to prompt themselves to complete simple and customizable tasks. The app can […]

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Aetna Acquires Humana – What this could mean for the Online Services of their Members

Consolidation is sweeping through the healthcare industry as healthcare providers of all types strive to build scale amid the rollout of the new rules imposed on the industry.  On Friday, July 3rd, 2015 a deal was struck between Aetna and Humana, under which Aetna will acquire all outstanding shares of Humana. While health experts and […]

A Polarized Healthcare System – King v. Burwell

A year ago, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) plan purchasing process was so hobbled by technical problems that only six people were able to complete the process on opening day. This year, there were far fewer problems, yet some did persist such as slow loading times, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts when […]