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Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights: Q1 2019

In this edition of Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights, we review how the insurers we track added new tools, made updates to existing website capabilities, focused on health and wellness programs and improved mobile capabilities over the last quarter. Specifically, some of the topics we cover include: Pharmacy and health system partnerships Responses to government […]

All Eyes on the Bluegrass State: Why Kentucky Will Play a Pivotal Role as an Affordable Care Act Test Case

Kentucky stands as the only state in the southeast to have a state-based marketplace and to expand Medicaid coverage.[1] The state’s exchange website, Kynect, experienced some noteworthy success by decreasing the amount of uninsured residents from 20.4% in 2014 to 9.0% in 2015.[2] In fact, Fortune lauded Kentucky as the Affordable Care Act’s most prominent […]

King vs. Burwell – Healthcare Firms React to Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to preserve the subsidies/premium tax credits for healthcare plans purchased on public exchanges, regardless of whether they are state-run or provided directly through, has sparked a frenzy of headlines across the industry. Healthcare insurers want to ensure that consumers understand the implications of the decision on their current and […]

A Polarized Healthcare System – King v. Burwell

A year ago, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) plan purchasing process was so hobbled by technical problems that only six people were able to complete the process on opening day. This year, there were far fewer problems, yet some did persist such as slow loading times, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts when […]