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Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights: Q2 2019

In this edition of Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights, we review how the insurers we track reacted to the measles outbreak, made pharmacy and wellness updates and revamped key site areas over the last quarter. Specifically, some of the topics we cover include: Measles outbreaks Opioid epidemic Wellness focus Prescription and pharmacy updates Investment in […]

Upcoming Conference: AHIP Institute and Expo

From June 19-21, 2019, Corporate Insight will attend AHIP’s Institute and Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. The three-day event will allow major health insurers, tech exhibitors and industry leaders to gather and exchange information within eight event tracks:   Data, Analytics and Actionable Intelligence Prevention, Wellbeing and Population Health Improvement Industry Disruption and Product Innovation Advancing […]

Corporate Insight Launches Health System Monitor

This month, Corporate Insight launches Health System Monitor, which tracks the digital web patient experiences offered by a leading group of health systems and hospitals. Covering 21 health systems and hospitals across the United States, Corporate Insight just published an inaugural report on patient portals and their associated public site platforms for clients. Landscaping the […]

Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights: Q1 2019

In this edition of Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights, we review how the insurers we track added new tools, made updates to existing website capabilities, focused on health and wellness programs and improved mobile capabilities over the last quarter. Specifically, some of the topics we cover include: Pharmacy and health system partnerships Responses to government […]

UnitedHealthcare Introduces New Provider and Member Online Pharmacy Solutions

In the past year, we have seen health plans improving their member- and provider-facing online tools to help address high healthcare costs, inefficient processes and poor user experience. In line with this trend, UnitedHealthcare partnered with OptumRx to unveil PreCheck MyScript, a new online prescription tool for providers, as well as to release an updated […]

Corporate Insight Attends Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

Picture a world where anyone could ask, “Alexa, does my health insurance cover hearing aids?” and end up booking an appointment with a nearby audiologist, accomplished through a quick conversation with the Amazon Echo. This is the future that Melissa Palladino, product strategy director at Healthx, envisions. At AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum […]

Introducing Oscar

Corporate Insight’s February Healthcare Monitor Report—Introducing Florida Blue and Oscar—featured a review of two insurance providers’ public and member sites that bring new perspectives to the Healthcare Monitor coverage group through their member experience designs, tools and other offerings. Oscar in particular represents the innovation and member-first approach that we expect from the future of […]

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Checking the Vital Signs of Symptom Checkers

12 billion Google searches a year are classified as symptom-related. People often rely on online tools, like WebMD and The Mayo Clinic for preliminary diagnoses. While all symptom checkers provide some sort of diagnosis, they vary dramatically in terms of intuitiveness, comprehensiveness and even overall purpose. In this white paper, we evaluate eight popular symptom […]

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