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Health Plans Assist Victims of California Wildfires

In the wake of the recent natural disasters, many affected individuals are facing challenges in accessing healthcare services. With health issues and hardships arising from the devastation caused by the recent southern California and Los Angeles wildfires and preceding extreme weather, healthcare companies are filling the void by offering free services or setting up medical […]

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Corporate Insight Attends Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

Picture a world where anyone could ask, “Alexa, does my health insurance cover hearing aids?” and end up booking an appointment with a nearby audiologist, accomplished through a quick conversation with the Amazon Echo. This is the future that Melissa Palladino, product strategy director at Healthx, envisions. At AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum […]

The Evolution of Health and Wellness Programs

Health and wellness programs have been a part of the U.S. culture for decades. Throughout the years, studies have spurred new developments, technologies and approaches to managing lifestyle and health habits. At the outset, programs focused on diet and nutrition. Programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Slim-Fast first introduced notable concepts used […]

Upcoming Conference: AHIP’s Consumer Experience and Digital Health Forum

From December 5-7, 2017, Corporate Insight will attend AHIP’s Consumer Experience and Digital Health Forum in Nashville, Tennessee. The three-day event will allow major health insurers, tech exhibitors and industry leaders to gather and exchange information within five educational categories: Next Generation Consumer Engagement and Branding Leveraging Data Analytics and Insights Technologies and Tools for […]

Using UX Best Practices to Improve Cost Estimators: A Webinar

Corporate Insight will offer Using UX Best Practices to Improve Cost Estimators, a free webinar on best practices for cost estimator tools. Based on user tests of tools provided by leading health insurers, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare, CI identified member perceptions of these tools, what members value […]

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Reaction from Healthcare Monitor Firms on Trump Administration’s Defunded Cost-Sharing Subsidies

Four Healthcare Monitor coverage group firms issued public site statements following the recent executive order to eliminate health insurance cost-sharing reduction subsidies on October 12, 2017. The subsidies, which this year cost the federal government $7 billion, help lower copays and deductibles for people with modest incomes. Many experts speculate that this would prompt a […]

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Undertaking the Medication Nonadherence Problem with Rewards and Incentives

According to a review conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine, medication nonadherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths, 10% of hospitalizations and between $100 and $289 billion in medical over-spending annually. To combat this, firms such as Humana and Mango Health are providing innovative solutions through gamification. Recent Humana Pharmacy app updates and feature enhancements as well […]

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Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights: Q3 2017

In this edition of Healthcare Monitor Trends & Highlights, we review how the insurers we follow covered recent natural disasters across the country, updated digital capabilities and instituted functionality enhancements on mobile apps over the last quarter. Specifically, some of the topics we cover include: Insurer Responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Member Site Design […]

How Are You Really Doing? Aetna’s MindCheck Tool Brings the Digital Experience to Personal Wellness

The latest in a health and wellness initiative that includes digital and brick-and-mortar mindfulness resources, Aetna’s new emotional wellness self-assessment tool, MindCheck, allows users to conduct an mental health self-evaluation and provides suggested wellness resources and recommendations. Along with resources like the firm’s Mindfulness Tumblr page and Mental & Emotional Health page, MindCheck illustrates Aetna’s […]

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Four Firms Issue Statements on the Future of Health Insurance

Over the past two months, organizations in our Healthcare Monitor coverage group have issued statements regarding the future of the healthcare system in the U.S. Four firms—Aetna, Tufts Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente and BCBS of Massachusetts—have taken stances on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the bills that were and are being […]

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