Corporate Insight

Plan Access and Management on Mobile Apps

Posted on September 07, 2016

The mobile channel increasingly defines the way consumers interact with product and service providers. As mobile accessibility has improved in recent years, consumers seek a more effective healthcare experience. This report examines the mobile apps offered to health plan members within the Healthcare Monitor coverage group.

Specifically, the report evaluates the following criteria:

Our 2016 Digital Healthcare Survey revealed that access to coverage and health information is the most important aspect of the digital experience for health plan members. Plan balances, username and password retrieval and claims also ranked in the top 10 most important features. In providing their members with the essential resources to help them understand and manage their health insurance, however, health plans vary greatly. ID card information is one of the most common attributes offered by health plan apps, provided by 91% of plans, but over half of the apps fail to provide in-depth plan balance details, coverage and benefits rates, or financial claims data. Overall strengths include well-designed and intuitive platforms as well as member portal registration capabilities, username and password retrieval options and timed automatic logouts for enhanced security. To offer members the most comprehensive apps possible, health plans must provide greater self-servicing capabilities and strengthen their preventive and on-demand healthcare functionalities to help increase member engagement and to lower costs in the long run for consumers and insurers alike.

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