Corporate Insight

Medicare Online Shopping

Posted on December 16, 2016

With an aging population becoming increasingly tech savvy, a key role of health plan providers is to equip prospects interested in purchasing Medicare insurance with the necessary online information and tools needed for them to make an informed decision. This Healthcare Monitor report assesses the Medicare plan selection, comparison and enrollment tools offered by health plans in our coverage group within their public sites, with a focus on the tools’ interface designs, inputs and output features.

Although the quote process varies by the Medicare plan type, health plans offer useful functions that help prospects compare plans, in particular, the premium costs, coverage rates and benefits provided. Overall, the coverage group could provide more help to users assisting them to determine how much might be spent on healthcare in aggregate, while also offering personalized results that display plans covering the user’s preferences, existing providers and medical needs. The best resources are comprehensive quote tools that are highly accessible, include inputs and questions that help determine the best type of Medicare plan especially for the unsure and unknowledgeable user, and generate informative results, offering more than the basics of a monthly premium and a handful of coverage and benefits details. Plus, it is important to allow prospects to obtain a print-friendly version of the results and provide them with additional calls to action, including contacting a broker and enrolling in the plan online.

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