Corporate Insight

Making the Desktop Mobile: Member Mobile Apps

Posted on June 28, 2018

As more consumers accomplish daily tasks on their phones, the healthcare industry continues to enhance the member app experience. With functionalities ranging from the standard member ID card to a customizable member dashboard, the member apps in our coverage group promote innovation with their offerings. With 13 apps assessed, this report covers the design, navigation, content and tools offered by leading health insurers.

Our research found a robust amount of information available, with some firms duplicating most of their member sites for smaller screens and others incorporating significantly less content. Section previews on dashboards are common; multiple navigation menus are also popular, to the detriment of many apps. A surprising amount of content is readily available to members, and it is well organized by several firms. What seems to be missing from much of the coverage group is a member-centered experience, in which Kaiser Permanente and Oscar excel. Accessing content can be helpful in certain scenarios; however, making tools actionable for the member could shift the app from an informational resource to a care-focused tool.