Corporate Insight

Empowering Members with Choice: Locator Tools

Posted on August 24, 2018

An essential component to the member site and a consistently changing functionality, doctor locator tools do not always execute their capabilities well. In our 2016 report on this topic, many firms showed room for growth in terms of functionality and user-centered design elements. With many additions and redesigns since 2016, we found vastly improved doctor locator tools and enhanced offerings upon a second look at the directories insurers provide to members.

Health plans offer a variety of tool structures, map features, cost information and populated reviews. Many firms now feature dual care and cost tools, with a few integrating office visit and procedure costs directly within search results and provider profiles. Overall, the coverage group offers useful and well-designed tools; however, many firms are still missing a key takeaway or call to action that would contribute to a better user experience.