How Are You Really Doing? Aetna’s MindCheck Tool Brings the Digital Experience to Personal Wellness

by on Sep 14, 2017

The latest in a health and wellness initiative that includes digital and brick-and-mortar mindfulness resources, Aetna’s new emotional wellness self-assessment tool, MindCheck, allows users to conduct an mental health self-evaluation and provides suggested wellness resources and recommendations. Along with resources like the firm’s Mindfulness Tumblr page and Mental & Emotional Health page, MindCheck illustrates Aetna’s effort to integrate holistic health and wellness resources into the digital experience. Notably, MindCheck is available not only to Aetna associates and members but also to anyone who registers with an email address.

On its homepage, MindCheck frames mental wellbeing in the context of physical health, noting that while users may know markers of physical wellbeing, such as blood pressure or cholesterol, they may not know indicators of emotional health. MindCheck aims to help with that, raising users’ awareness of their mental metrics, according to the homepage, to help “keep a positive outlook and prevent small setbacks from becoming bigger problems.” To use MindCheck, users must log in or register and then can complete a simple four-question survey linked on the homepage.

Aetna MindCheck Self-Assessment Questions

Every time that the user completes the four-question survey, the tool yields a colored circle, ranging from a No Distress green circle to a High Distress red circle, allowing users to gauge their emotional health. The tool records data from each survey to construct a graph that presents stress levels over time. Users are also able to access a resource library with 10 topics and video resources from a side navigation.

Aetna MindCheck My History Screen

Aetna’s MindCheck continues an industry trend toward person-centered holistic healthcare by empowering consumers to keep track of their own emotional health in much the way that apps and websites like FitBit and MealPal already do for their physical health.

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