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Healthcare Monitor

Healthcare Monitor helps health insurers improve member engagement through ongoing, competitive research surrounding the digital customer experience. Using live accounts at leading health insurance firms, we offer an authentic look at your competitors’ digital capabilities from the perspective of health plan members.

Digital Healthcare Audit

The Audit benchmarks a health insurer’s member-facing digital experience against its key competitors’ and identifies the changes that would lead to a best-in-class experience. Using our Audit grading framework, we rate the member sites and apps offered by our client and its competitors across more than 200 individual attributes.

UX Research

CI’s UX Research helps health insurers create products and services that their users will love, want and pay for. This research allows our clients to be proactive and avoid major design and user experience issues before changes become expensive. Our reports are clean and concise, offering insightful action plans for improvement.

Our Services

Reports and Updates

Each Report focuses on one aspect of the member experience and benchmarks industry leaders using detailed criteria. Updates are monthly publications that track the tactical changes across the industry.

Capabilities Matrix

The Matrix is a catch-all, side-by-side summary of the capabilities and resources across the visitor and member websites.

Analyst Support

We offer personalized research support from our experienced Healthcare Monitor team.